Hospice Care

Green Valley Hospice believes that the end stages of life do not always have to equate with stress and discomfort.

We are committed to providing the best quality personalized care on a medical as well as an emotional level. Regardless of any background or disease it is our firm belief that all patients deserve to be treated with care and dignity. We hope that our commitment to supporting both the patient as well as family members will facilitate a more loving and connected end stage of life.

At Green Valley Hospice we honor and support your choice to face the end stages of life in the warmth and peacefulness of your own home

The ability to help facilitate this very important choice is one that we take with only the utmost seriousness. It is our hope that our commitment to you and your family will ease some of the burden which can so often be experienced when at the end stages of life.

Our compassionate team, led by the hospice medical director will expressly work with your attending physician in order to create a plan which will attend not only to your specific medical needs, but also your emotional needs. We know that every family and every person is different. It is these differences which can necessitate a varying array of social, spiritual, and emotional needs. It is our goal to help assure that these unique needs are met to the best of our ability.

Our team is devoted to you and your family in your time of need. Made up of a multitude of specialists such as nurses, health aides, spiritual counselors, social workers, bereavement specialists and volunteers, we feel well suited to help you to create an environment where patient comfort and care can be delivered with love and communication for you and your family. From nursing care, medical equipment, and pain management to social worker services, emotional and spiritual counseling as well as bereavement counseling, we are prepared to be the support team you need.

The end stages of life can undoubtedly be a sad and difficult time. We at Green Valley Hospice firmly believe that it does not have to be stressful and uncomfortable as well. The end stages of life can be a time of deep love and connection if you have the right support. It is our commitment and our goal to provide you with this needed support.

Our Hospice team can be directly reached: Contact Hospice Care