Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care Support Services?

  • Home based Palliative care is for patients who are “seriously ill” as determined by the physician and surgeon in charge of the care of the patient. Patient under palliative care may choose to pursue aggressive treatment options, while enjoying the benefits of extra layer of symptom management and support from the Palliative Care Support team.
  • “Serious ill” is defined as chronic illness that may result in death, regardless of the estimated length of the patient’s remaining period of life.
  • Delivering the extra layer of care at home allows early detection and intervention of clinical and social change in condition, that could otherwise lead to health crisis. Emerging evidence shows early and timely detection and intervention may reduce the number of hospital visits or 911 calls.

How can our Palliative Care Support Services help you?

On the front lines of a serious illness, you need answers, relief, expertise, and support. Our highly skilled Palliative Care Team includes doctors, nurses, social workers and spiritual counselors. Working as an interdisciplinary team, they can provide you care that is uniquely suited to your needs, including:

  • Expert treatment and compassionate care for pain and symptoms.
  • Clear information about your healthcare options and guidance in your choices.
  • Collaboration with your primary doctor to maximize communication and coordination of care among your healthcare providers.
  • Emotional and spiritual support to you and your family.
  • Help in navigating the healthcare system.
  • Coordination of care in your home – wherever you call home.

How do you get Palliative Care?

To begin palliative care support services:

  • Call Green Valley Palliative Care Services at 916 757 6800 and ask for Director of Palliative Support Team. They will provide you will additional information on the program and help you navigate through the process.
  • Speak to your primary care doctor or to the hospitalist
  • Ask them to provide you a consult to Green Valley Palliative Care Support Services.

Who is in my Support Team?

Physician-Palliative Certified
Case Manager-RN
Clinical Nurse-LVN
Social Worker

Your team will help navigate and coordinate care with your primary care physician, home health agencies and
other appropriate resources.

Our Palliative team can be directly reached: Contact Palliative Care