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What is Palliative Care Support Services?

We can say from experience, that it is an honor and privilege to be part of someone’s final weeks, days, and hours. You have the opportunity to be part of your loved one’s final journey.

The Hospice Team understands and supports your desire to care for your loved one in the loving environment of their home. We realize that this period of time is a very difficult one and sometimes because “fear of the unknown” is greater than fear of the known, our desire is to be as honest and straightforward as possible in helping you through this period.

The following information is intended to help you prepare and anticipate the needs and symptoms which may occur during the course of a serious or life-threatening illness. The physician, the hospice nurse and social worker are available to help you clarify your concerns and questions in this regard. We want to relate each possible symptom to you in order to decrease your fear if one should appear suddenly, and to give you some guidelines about what you can do about the symptoms. The symptoms described are somewhat common during a serious illness, but not all of these signs occur at the same time and some may never appear. We hope you will find the information valuable.

It is important to emphasize…

It is important to emphasize that the process and journey of dying is very individual. Your loved one may take several weeks to complete his or her journey; some may take days, and some people months. During his/her journey, a number of days may be easier than others to bear. And symptoms of the illness can vary with severity in a daily basis.

As The Journey Comes To A Close…

Your loved one will experience many changes: physical, mental, social and spiritual. This is a normal protective mechanism of the body. It says to us, “I am ready. I no longer need the things of this world. I have had a meaningful journey and look forward to the rest I will find at my final destination.”

The signs and symptoms of approaching death can be scary. Knowing and anticipating them may make it more comfortable for you. Below is a list of changes that often occur.

How Can Our Palliative Care Support Services Help You?

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